Ted Deppner

About me:


Husband to a lovely woman (whom God enjoyed naming Teddi, making our introduction as a couple always a fun experience.) And now two wonderful kids, such amazing blessings.


Linux ecosystems, virtualization, networks, programming, databases, whatever the present need is. I enjoy "systems" and quickly learn whatever is needed to solve a problem, improve the system, etc.

I often fix or "glue" things that are close but not quite right with a linux machine, perl programming and shell scripts. The interesting bits have included realtime packet grooming of live multicase video streams for a company with an IP based headend... a soup to nuts system. (Happy to share more, it was a fun problem to solve, but most peoples eyes glaze over somewhere in that last sentence.)

I can get around on Windows systems (MCSE 2003), but I haven't usually done this type of work on a daily basis. Happy to though as needed.

Other pursuits

I enjoy ham radio, building HF antennas, electronics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, going to the range, and camping to name a few.

I am a certified tower climber and fork truck operator, among others.

Are you famous?

I am not the tv personality of the same name.

Older Stuff

  • Enjoying Debian

    I started down the debian path in the late 90s and have never looked back. Debian was the first distribution I found you could easily keep upgraded, easily maintain and produce your own packages (and thus have a restorable configuration of any server), was configured sanely for a production environment, and major distro upgrades were not too painful. I had lead an ISP through periodic upgrades of Redhat and Slackware and wanted no more of that. To prove and test my understanding of debian I installed a 2.0 Hamm release (old by then), configured everything as I desired, then proceeded to upgrade to 2.1 Slink, watching and verifying the process. When 2.2 Potato came out things were really taking off. Since then I have deployed hundreds of debian systems since then, maintained local changes to packages, and even releasing internal locally built packages of company software.

    I've thought about being a package maintainer, (even had lunch with then DPL Steve McIntyre and several other maintainers), but have not found an orphaned package I cared enough about to take over. xnetload was on the short list for a while though.

  • Local mirror of the EU's report on Echelon. Mirror obtained from Cyber Rights.

  • Internet Audio

  • David Deppner interview "Growth and Lincoln, CA"

    This was an interview conducted on February 13, 2000 by Marshall Phillips of The Zone, a radio station in Sacramento, CA. David Deppner, the President of the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Psyberware Communications talks about both the past and the future of Lincoln and where it is going growth wise as the Twelve Bridges and Del Web Sun City Lincoln Hills projects loom on our horizon.

    The files are available as MP3 Streaming audio. You need one of the players mentioned above to play the streams (ie Winamp for Windows, or xmms for Linux).

    (David is my brother, we've worked together for decades on various projects.)

    My GPG key is available to all. ted@psyber.com is preferred.

    Ted Deppner / ted@psyber.com