MAC GOATS   goat:   Home of Dexter cattle and Boer Goats.  The South African Boer Goat is the ultimate in meat goats.  The Dexter cattle breed, because of it's smaller size and tendency for a docile disposition is a good starter for the new endeavor into cattle.  MAC GOATS moved to the Midwest in the Ozarks of Missouri near the Arkansas border, breeding Boer Goats for high quality, fast weight gain, and health. Our secondary goal is to educate the meat goat and  Boer goat buyer so he can make the best choices for his meat goat matter where the purchases are made.   Before relocating to Missouri, in the Midwest, we were one of the largest quality Boer Goat herds in California with the most reasonable prices...we continue our goals in our new location.   Check out out our Educational articles on structure, standards, developmental photos, judging of the South African Boer Goat, care and management.  Ennobled genetics include 41 :  DOWNEN R33 "Hoss", EGGS P653 Jubilation,  MAC Goats Loretta, Sunny  Acres Starski,  EGGSfile,  RRD Ruger, RRD BMF Impact, Rambo, Pipeline,  EGGSpensive, EGGSpense Account   EGGspensive Mistress,  Downen Big 85, Downen VCR, DOW M61,  Downen N24, Top Gun No. 2,  EGGSorcist,  EGGStreme,  Sasquatch,  Ram H Tobias,  Frances,  Oscar,  Pistolero,  Ubora,  Kaptein,  EGGS The Sequel,   Mojo Magic,  ABF M27"Meat Loaf",  ABF Lillie,  Highlanders 104, Downen 519, Sunny Acres Stardust, LSBG Rock,  Milibi , Lobola SA,  RRD Gunsmoke,  EGGS Ryals Magnum,  RRD Magnum's Beauty,  RRD Remington M160, Bingo, Buttmaster, and BDF M08.   MAC Goats' had won over 150 Overall Grand  & Res. Champion, Grand & Res. Champion, and Champion & Res. awards when we stopped counting.  Considering that we keep our Boer Goat herd to a small nucleus of around 20, I think we are proving that we have an eye for quality and are succeeding in our breeding goals.   We won the California Premier Fullblood Boer Goat Breeder award, May 2001, and in 2005 two of our herd sires (Hoss and Jubilation) became of our does (MAC Goats Loretta) became ennobled in 2006, and MAC Goats Fantastik, whom we sold was soon to be ennobled, with several others in line at that time.   Hoss did it with three months of showing....and his first MAC Goat offspring, three of them helping their daddy with only one month of showing in the junior classes!   Loretta did it with 5 points of her own and the rest from her first year of production, two sets of twins in pending ennoblement.  Play Kids of Oklahoma bought our doe, Mac Goats R206 bred to our Ennobled Hoss, and she produced their herd sire Stiff Upper Lip who is now ennobled in 2009, as was his mom (MAC Goats R206) for her production.  They also ennobled a young kid buck we sold them, MAC Goats T324 "Big Guy" out of Loretta and Hoss.  Check them out at  Also check out Jim Furman in Kansas, Urish Ridge Boer Goats, who has Loretta offspring that are winning!  The latest being in 2013!

May 2014: Due to Matt's bad knees he has sold most of the goats except for a couple well bred old ladies, and he couldn't help keeping 3 youngsters related to Hoss and Lorretta because of their outstanding bloodlines.  We also kept a young buck who carries these outstanding bloodlines also.



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Our January 2014 kids are SOLD.. CLICK HERE 


The below bucks are those that have contributed their genetics towards the quality that we possess today!



Our new 2014 herd sire. He is out of Holly and MAC GOATS LORETTA'S FINALE, who is a Hoss daughter.  He was born January 2014 and will see action this fall.  He will be doubling the genetics of Hoss and Loretta. 

Picture F/C



Continue to Scroll down to see all of our foundation bucks that have contributed their genetics to our herd from the beginning!



IN MEMORIAL: Our DOWNEN R33 HOSS, Ennobled! (Deceased 2010)  a Pistolero Son out of a Pipeline daughter, Ennobled Downen N24.  He won first place out of 69 entries at the 2004 ABGA Nationals!  Won Reserve Yearling Champion. at Ozark/Empire Fair, Overall Grand Champion Buck at the Missouri State Fair under Anton Ward, Overall Grand Champion Buck at the Purina Classic Day 1 under Jackie Edwards, and Res. Yearling Champion at the Purina Classic Day 2 in Springfield, Missouri! Hoss, in 3 months of showing earned 105 ABGA points towards his Ennoblement!    95 more points earned by three of his yearling kids (two were brother and sister)...all who have passed their visuals!  By 2007 he had a total of 425 points!  He started his breeding career in 2005 and three of those kids gave the points to qualify his ennoblement.  His daughter MAC GOATS T323 (sold to California) gained aproximately 75 ennoblement points in one month of 4 shows..she now is pending ennoblement!  She is part of two sets of twins born in 2005, sired by Hoss over MAC Goats Lorretta, who earned enough points to get Loretta ennobled!  The brother MAC GOATS T324 (sold to Oklahoma) of this doe placed 2nd in each of his large classes in all four of the same shows!  Both were out of MAC Goats Loretta who produced two sets of twins in 2005.  The other set of twins is also winning in the show ring!  The buck, T344 has won a Res.Jr. Champion and the doe, T343 has won two Reserve Overall championships!  These two sets of twins sired by Hoss on Loretta, born in 2005, have ALSO earned Loretta her Ennoblement at the end of  2006.  Another Hoss son, Stiff Upper Lip (See Below) has become ennobled in Oklahoma under the management of Kids Play Boer Goats.  Check out their website:
Note his massive forearms; excellent legs; beautiful head; neck attachment; length, depth, width of body; and you should see his butt!  He is 16 months old in this recent photo (6/04). 

He gave us kids with excellent  ....Daily Weight Gains  style and butt!  His kids did well in the ring.     

HOSS ACHIEVED HIS ENNOBLEMENT VIA HIS WINS AND THOSE OF THREE OF HIS YEARLING OFFSPRING (during one month of showing)...ALL WHO HAVE PASSED THEIR VISUALS!  These were the first offspring from Hoss at MAC Goats. (4/2/06)

Both Hoss and Jubil received their Ennoblement plagues at the 2006 ABGA Nationals....making the offspring from Ennobled EGGS P653 Jubilation's daughters that we kept,  bred to Hoss, even more special!   It was that combination that produced the kids who contributed to Hoss's Ennoblement! 



PISTOLERO; HOSS's daddy....sold for $56,000, highest selling buck in the industry.  He has been Ennobled.  Pedigree includes the Ennobled Frances.


HOSS's Ennobled mom, Downen N24, was sired by, Ennobled Pipeline. Other ennobled in her pedigree are Downen Big 85 ( and bottom as Grandpa), and the Ennobled Lobola S.A as Grandma.



Kids Play Boer Goats

This is Hoss's son: MACG MAC Goats PLAY Stiff Upper Lip *Ennobled in 2009!  Steve and Debbie of Kids Play Boer Goats of Oklahoma, bought his mom, MAC Goats R206, who was bred to Hoss.  This ennobled Hoss son helped ennoble his mom also, MAC Goats R206.  MAC Goats R206, under the good management of Kids Play Boer Goats, went on to produce another ennobled son...PLAY"Make My Day" in 2011.  Check out their website:

This 9 mo. old Urish Ridge paint doe's dam is a full sister to Hoss' son, Eagle.

This Urish Ridge 12 month doe is out of Mac Goats Lorretta Girl.
Here are two does that have Ennobled Hoss in their pedigree.  Jim Furman of Urish Ridge Boer Goats, in Kansas, says: "We love our Hoss bloodlines. They have perfect bites, perfect pigment, perfect teats, they don't require tricky clipping jobs to hide flaws and they don't require corrective hoof trimming! This doe has a ton of volume, she's super long and has a great booty."

To learn more about these quality goats in Kansas, contact: Parker Myers & Jim and Deanna Furman

 Urish Ridge Boer Goats

                                  (785) 806-4470

Check them out...they have a great breeding program going!




Two granddaughters of Loretta, from Urish Ridge's breeding program, sired by Ripper x Collateral Damage son did well at Parker's Statewide (2013). Both won their classes and one won overall grand champion doe. Here is a  young Doe named Jubil, that Jim Furman from Urish Ridge Boer Goats got from breeding Loretta's Girl (Ennobled Hoss x Ennobled MAC Goats Loretta Young) with His buck 2Dox Four on the Floor.  She just starting her show career and won her 0-3 months class in October 2011.


Continue to Scroll down to see all of our foundation bucks that have contributed their genetics to our herd from the beginning!


 Contributed to our herd from the Fall 2011 through 2013.  He came from Holly Hills Boer Goats in West Virginia!  He is a grandson of our Ennobled Hoss.   He has Ennobled RRD RUGER and Ennobled RRD BMF IMPACT on top and our Ennobled HOSS and Ennobled LORETTA YOUNG on the bottom of his pedigree.  He weighed in at 140 pounds at 6 months old.  Matt took Holly out to a weekend show and came back with a Reserve Overall Grand Champion win!  We have not shown him since.

Thank you John Price of West Virginia for selling us this excellent buck.  Contact Holly Hill's at
E-mail Address:



Our 10th  Buck (2012 through 2013 Sire)


HAWK shared herd sire honors with HOSS in 2010.  Hawk was a wide, very well muscled young buck.  He was born in March 2009, sired by  our EAGLE (below). His dam was a daughter of Ennobled Eggsotic and our Ennobled Hoss.   Hawk gave us some very nice 2010 kids.  DECEASED


Our 9th Buck   Deceased


EAGLE is a 2008 son of Ennobled Hoss, from a daughter of Ennobled Jubilation.  We are very pleased with the kids that he produced for us in 2009.  We never got around to showing him, but feel he would have done well in the show ring.   We have kept one of his sons from 2009, MAC GOATS Y489 HAWK who will be expecting his own sons and daughters in 2010.                  EAGLE sold as a young buck.    SOLD

Our 8th Buck   Sold

RIVER RIDGE'S MACNETIC FUSILLADE  was our 7th buck, and latest Sire of 2008.  We are very impressed with him and his first kids in April 2008 from Ennobled Hoss's daughters..  He is pictured here approaching his first year. He is sired by River Ridge's Pistol, who is sired by Ennobled RRD Gunsmoke, who is out of Ennobled EGGS Ryals Magnum and Ennobled RRD Magnum's Beauty.  Pistol's mom is RRD Remington's Beauty R826 who was sired by Ennobled RRD Remington M160. MACnetic's mom is out of BDF Power Source, who is out of Ennobled Bingo, and Ennobled BDF M08.  Ennobled LSBG Rock is on his mom's family tree.  We showed him at only two shows in October 2008 and he placed 1st and 2nd and won Jr. Champion and Overall Res. Grand Champion.   SOLD

 Our 7th Buck

Sold 2010

DOWNEN R33 "HOSS", ENNOBLED  Pistolero Son out of an Enobled Pipeline daughter, Downen N24.  In 3 months of showing Hoss has earned 105 ABGA points towards Ennoblement and won first place out of 69 in his class at the 2004 ABGA Nationals!  Also winning  Res.Yr.Ch. at Ozark/Empire Fair, Overall Grand Champion Buck at the Missouri State Fair under Anton Ward, Overall Grand Champion Buck at the Purina Classic Day 1 under Jackie Edwards, Res. Yearling Champion at the Purina Classic Day 2 in Springfield, Missouri and Overall Grand Champion Buck at Harrison, Arkansas under Becky Sauders!  Ennobled in pedigree included: Pistolero, Downen N24, Pipeline, Frances, Downen Big 85 (twice), Lobola S.A., and Downens 519, Ubora, Mojo Magic, & Kaptein.    (Hoss deceased in the later part of 2010 in his 7th year). 

Our 6th. buck ENNOBLED! 2004 through 2010   Deceased

MAC GOATS Fantastik  (100% South African) Sire: EGGS P653 JUBILATION (Ennobled);  Dam:  EGGSTREME'S NEVER IDLE FANTASY. There are 16  Ennobled spots in his pedigree(Click HERE for List/Photos)Ennobleds in pedigree include EGGS P653 JUBILATION, EGGSPENSIVE MISTRESS, GAR ADUWA-SASQUATCH(5X'S) EGGSPENSIVE(2X'S), EGGSTREME(2X'S), SUNNY ACRES STARSKI, SUNNY ACRES STARDUST, EGGSFILE, TOP GUN NO 2, EGGSORCIST, & DOWNEN BIG 85. Also included are Nico Botha's HIGHLANDER, and EGGSPENSE.    We lost our current sire Jublilation (Ennobled) when we moved, so we used his son Fantastik at 5-1/2 months old to breed the does and then we sold him. (Eventually to wind up at Mark Barry's in Arkansas.) we had purchased Hoss.   This was truly a fantastic opportunity....and we are now sorry we sold him.......his kids are some of the best we have ever bred, combined with Hoss!   We kept eight of his daughters all bred to Hoss...kidded March 2006!    At 21 months of age, Fantastik was purchased by Mark Barry ......after winning a Reserve Overall Grand Champion under Anton Ward at Searcy, Arkansas.  Fantastik is awesomely correct and has an extremely long.....level.....strong top line.....combined with great....erect....front end structure and volume, depth and mass!  He was very close to Ennoblement in 2006.

Fantastik at 21 months!

Shown above..... a mature 2 years, winning Res.Sr.Ch in 2006 Texarkana.

Our 5th. buck! Sold 2004

Used at 5-1/2 months!


Eggs P653 "Jubilation"--ENNOBLED!,:  100% South African.  Eight "Ennobled's" in his three generation pedigree.....and if you go back all the way....there are 12! (Click HERE for List/Photos) Sire: Starski(Ennobled);  Dam: EGGSpensive Mistress, Ennobled.  Ennobleds in pedigree also includes GAR ADUWA-SASQUATCH(3X'S) EGGSPENSIVE(2X'S) SUNNY ACRES STARSKI, SUNNY ACRES STARDUST, EGGSFILE, TOP GUN NO 2, EGGSORCIST, & DOWNEN BIG 85.  Maternal Grand Dam is  EGGSPENSE (National Res.Champ.)    He  won two Overall Champions and One Res. Overall Champion in 2003 as a Junior and a Yearling. His first kids have won champions and his first daughter won a Res. Overall Doe from the Junior class during the same show her daddy got Overall Grand Champion Buck.  His last 3 daughters have earned over 55 ABGA ennobled points in 3 months of showing since moving to Missouri...bringing his unassigned total to 95 points added to his own 50 points makes 145 ennoblement points...he no longer waits for is official in the ABGA office! (Deceased May 2004)  

     ENNOBLED!  Deceased 2004

Our 4th. buck!

T4 Ranch's True Grit  100% South African. This was Stephanos Malan's first choice buck at the SouthWest Breeder sale Labor Day weekend 2000! (A Vlek grandson--(highest selling buck at Kimberly in 1997! An extremely large buck.) Grit  won two Res. Champions during a short career in 2001, and has sired kids who have  won in the ring each year through 2003.  Malan/Burger Bloodlines. Grandson of the famous Noster son Vlek, bred by Boetie Malan. The Granddam was Nama 97/358 sired by Sir Charles from the Lucas Burger Stud. Father was Cheerio (brother to Maestro) embroyo's from SA.  He won two Reserve Champions when he was shown prior to April 2001.   He has 80 ennoblement points earned by his offspring in the ABGA show ring.  SOLD

          SOLD 2003Our 3rd buck!

Chief Forty-five (Chiefee), Chieftan's son. Chiefee had a 10" wide loin at one year of age and is very long! Chiefee and his get enabled us to win California Premier Breeder 2001. He and his relatives and sons and daughters are responsible for many of the champion wins.  He won 55 ennoblement points and his offspring gathered another 20 for a total of 70 ennoblement points.   Passed visual inspection for ennoblement. (Both he and his sister Chieftas won Junior Grand Champions at a large show. He also won Res. Grand Champion and two Yrlg.Grand Champions by 16 months in 2000.   Chiefee has won 10 rosettes in 2001 , plus one Best of Show, and has sired kids who won in the ring each year.    Chiefee and his offspring have contributed greatly towards our show win placements.   Retired/Deceased

Deceased 2008

Our 2nd. buck!

Chieftan  100% South African, came to Canada as an embryo.  D. Nel, Van Zyl, and Lubbe bloodlines. Twice Shown: Two Gr.Champions and two Best of Shows .  He only has the  55 ennoblement points from his son Chiefee because the records of his first two ABGA shows were mysteriously lost both Overall Grand Champion wins!  Chieftan was our foundation buck...sweetest disposition known.    He got us off on the right foot!   He was shipped into Canada as an Embryo straight from South Africa.    Matured out at 300 pounds.  He became ill and we lost him just after our 1st year with him when we were just starting in Boers.  (He had pneumonia from being shipped around often, before we acquired him. ) We were devastated, but realized that God gives and He takes away.  We were very fortunate that he had bred our does before his illness.  And, that got us off to a great start!  (Deceased)

                 Deceased 1999

Our 1st. buck!



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